Hi all!

I am a 24 year-old girl who has finally come to the conclusion that I love my life wholly and completely. I graduated last year and finally landed a job in my field which I am super stoked about.

This blog will be used to document my daily musings, my personal stories, and my love for things in the pursuit of happiness.

If you need to reach out to me or talk, I'll always listen and if this blog brings you comfort then please come stay a while.


What is it about Dalek Creators? They never seem to want to shut up.

The Eighth Doctor played by Paul McGann (Blood of the Daleks Part 2)

My writing, it’s my way of making sense of everything. My way to feel whole. May I never be complete and may I never feel content – please, let me always have the need, always have the urge to write.

Working Girl Update

I know, but this is a weird period so you have been getting a lot this week.

Lots of mixed emotions and feelings in the office. The next few weeks will be interesting,  but on the bright side, talked to my district manager and found out I was already being considered to go to one of other offices to help them out part time which would mean I would have a full time position just in two different places without officially being called part time. I’ll find out more, but as we talked, maybe this is what helps us get through this period until a new senior landscape architect can come and take control of the office. We’ll see, but that’s at least some good news.

So for now that’s where I leave this week. Thank goodness this is a holiday weekend because it is time to destress and wind down from this week of hell.